Since its inception in 2001, Constyle Architectural Products Sdn Bhd has evolve from an assembling plant to a near full fledge manufacturing plant. The products on offer has increase from single point window and door hardware to much more sophisticated multipoint hardware and heavy duty rollers.


Constyle Signature carries high quality windows and doors accessories, we creates all the accessories with the different sizes range to suits your home & commercial needs. Constyle Signature designed in a way with top quality at the affordable price.


Its products have successfully been accepted not only into the local market but in Singapore and Indonesia. With continued investment in research and development, Constyle will be able to continue to stay ahead of its competitors not only in terms of products offering but also services which is noticeable through its investment in a powder coating line to assure quality control on its coating and to provide customers with the best possible lead time.

The work of Constyle Architectural Products is far from done as it aim to achieve market share in all ASEAN countries bringing Malaysian expertise in window and door opening solutions to an unprecedented level in these countries by 2025.