FLAMRO is dedicated to providing seamless safety in case of fire for all types of buildings and facilities. FLAMRO systems ensure minimisation of physical damage and injury in the event of a fire, prevention of operational breakdowns as well as protection against damage to the environment – worldwide.

Progress has a long and cherished tradition at FLAMRO Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH, not least because we know that “from nothing, nothing comes”. We maintain a powerful in-house research and development centre enabling us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the times and allowing us to create innovative structural fire protection solutions that will keep people, pets and property safe and secure when the heat is on. Thanks to its commitment to quality, FLAMRO has consolidated its reputation as a leading supplier in the industry – with a steady focus on market and customer requirements.

Since FLAMRO also maintains an in-house production facility, customers can rely on the quality of FLAMRO products at all times. Our quality management system includes both ongoing internal control processes and external (i.e. third-party) monitoring procedures that ensure and confirm consistency of quality.

FLAMRO manufactures not only tried and tested cable penetration seals, pipe penetration seals, cable ducts and cable coatings, but also specially formulated mortar, joint fillers (sealants), firestop collars, firestop pillows, firestop bricks as well as refractory glue.

FLAMRO products are subjected to a large variety of rigorous fire tests at regular intervals, both in Germany and abroad. Many national and international technical approvals as well as test certificates evidence their excellence: FLAMRO firestop systems have already proved their worth in all climate zones around the world, and fire protection coatings developed by FLAMRO are even permitted for use in facilities with special safety requirements.

FLAMRO currently holds more than 40 national technical approvals, over 25 international technical approvals as well as almost 20 patents.

Research and Development

Innovation is key at FLAMRO: Our in-house laboratory is managed by a graduate chemist specialised in structural fire protection. The foremost focus of all R&D work is the ongoing, proactive development of existing systems, as well as the continued exploration of new, cost-effective, and viable solutions for all conceivable firestopping requirements, including for those of OEM customers. FLAMRO’s constant commitment to high standards ensures top-tier products that are always state-of-the-art in terms of performance and design.

Distribution partners

FLAMRO products are available in Germany via a nationwide distribution network. Customers in other European countries and overseas are served by experienced, FLAMRO-trained importers who will always provide the right product and to-the-point technical advice.

FLAMRO is represented in 18 countries worldwide.

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