GIESSE was founded near Bologna, in Italy, in 1965 and from being a small enterprise it has grown, over the years, into a major  international Group in the sector of aluminium window hardware.

What intially was an intution turned into an entrepreneurial vision that has led Giesse to become a key brand, a world leader in the aluminium window sector that has created a range of products that have become the standard for the entire market.

Giesse opens new frontiers and changes the way of conceiving and producing hardware.

The goal of Giesse is to work professionally in accordance with its core values of Quality, Innovation and Design. Our philosophy is based on complete customer satifsfaction through the design, manufacture and marketing of cutting edge solutions in line with market demands, in Italy and abroad.

Aiming to provide a fast, clear, easy-to-read tool, but although not exhaustive, you will find an extract of the most comprehensive product range for the market, Giesse’s range, valid across the world.

We talk about sliding doors, but also Tilt&Slide systems, Side Hung and Tilt&Turn mechanisms, we mention innovative finishes for window handles, but do not neglect to present the set of hinges for doors.

The breadth of our product range will be presented by topic as well as to give you a realistic idea of the scope of our offer.

GIESSE: Quality, Innovation and Design.

Unique in our kind, our signature, our character.

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