Architecture Thrives on Change. On creative ideas and bold solutions that fascinate and surprise us every time. Curtain walls are a particularly severe challenge for planners, because they not only set the character of the structure but must also meet stringent requirements.


To strike the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, architects are increasingly turning to glass for curtain wall construction. As transparent structural glazing walls, single, double or triple glazed or even double skin facades. Glass can also be combined with other materials such as natural stone, metals or plastic coated metals, giving planners a wide scope for creativity.

But an immaculate optical appearance isn’t the only crucial factor. Facades and windows must provide long-term durable systems. This requires perfect adhesion between the components and highly elastic, weatherproof seals. These specifications call for high-tech silicone sealants, which are tailored to meet highly specific demands and guarantee peak performance in every respect. with this application in mind, Sika supplies a wide range of tried-and-tested, innovative facade products for every demand:

Sikasil®. Each of these sealants and adhesives has highly specific properties that are precisely tailored to the particular application. From structural glazing and insulating glass secondary seals through to weatherseals.

SikaMembran® membrane systems supplement ideally the sealants range for water/vapor proofing wide joints in both curtain wall and ventilated facades.

The self-leveling PU grout SikaGlaze® GG is an easy-to-apply product for stress-free embedding of glass balustrades and glass walls in fin glazing.


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