Glass Wall Grouting


Glass Wall Grouting

In total vision glazing (TVG, fin glazing) and glass balustrades the glass panes should be fixed to the floor with low punctual stress transfer to the glass. With SikaGlaze® GG-735 the bottom glass edge is embedded in the floor, and thus results in uniform stress distribution. The PU embedding is protected against weathering by Sikasil® WS silicone sealants.

Recommended Sika products

SikaGlaze® GG-735 (Download PDF)
2-part self-levelling PU grout, compatible with PVB laminate

Sikasil® WS-605 S (Download PDF)
1-part silicone weather sealant, compatible with PVB laminate, non-streaking on glass and metal surfaces


  • Stress-free embedding of glass balustrades
  • Fast installation
  • Compatible and durable solution