Structural Glazing / Insulating Glass / Weather Sealants



Structural glazing modules are subject to extremely high stresses. They must accommodate wind and snow loads as well as thermal expansion. Furthermore they permanently transfer the forces to the support structure, while also withstanding weathering over many years. High-modulus Sikasil SG silicone adhesive sealants offer the best properties for this purpose.

Recommended Sika products

Sikasil SG-500 CN (Download PDF)– 2-part structural glazing adhesive, cartridge solution for onsite repair available, ASTM approved

Sikasil SG-20 (Download PDF) – 1-part structural glazing adhesive, high mechanical strength and movement capability, design factor dyn 0.17 MPa, ETAG approved, CE marked

Sikasil SG-18 (Download PDF) – 1-part structural glazing adhesive, ASTM approved


  • Strong but flexible fixation of glass units
  • Attractive appearance without visible frames
  • No shading of glass edges, no thermal stress
  • Most energy efficient facade technology


In insulating glazing, double or triple glazing alike, it is particularly important that no water vapor should penetrate into the space between the panes and, in case of noble gas-filled units, the gas losses should be reduced to a minimum. Thus, a double-sealed edge seal system is state of the art. Sika offers a complete product range for IG edge sealing including primary and secondary sealants, suitable for gas retention of 30+ years.

Recommended Sika products

Sikasil® IG-25 (Download PDF– 2-part silicone insulating glass secondary seal, EN-1279-2 and ETAG approved, CE marked

SikaGlaze® IG-5 PIB (Download PDF) – Butyl insulating glass primary seal, suitable for air- and gas-filled IG units, EN-1279-2 and-3 approved


  • Compatible system approach in IG, SG and WS applications
  • Sikasil® IG grades and SikaGlaze® IG-5 PIB available in black and grey
  • Perfect color matching of grey Sikasil® IG and SikaGlaze® IG-5 PIB with Sikasil® SG and WS and Sika® Spacer Tape HD
  • IG sealants tried and tested on all common IG production lines and application machines


The quality and optical appearance of a curtain wall are critically dependent on appropriate weather sealing. The facade elements are ultimately subject to extreme movements due to temperature changes, moisture (in the case of concrete), shrinkage of construction materials (wood, concrete), sound, wind and vibrations, which may affect the joints and adjacent elements. Natural stone elements request compatible non-staining solutions.

Recommended Sika products

Sikasil® WS-605 S (Download PDF)
1-part silicone weather sealant, non-streaking on glass and metal surfaces, ASTM approved

Sikasil® WS-305 CN (Download PDF)
1-part silicone weather sealant, ASTM approved

Sikasil® WS-355 (Download PDF)
1-part silicone weather sealant, non-staining on natural stone, ASTM approved


  • Standard grades and specialties available
  • Compatible with Sikasil® IG and SG grades
  • Available in a great variety of colors
  • Perfect color matching with grey Sikasil® SG and IG Sika® Spacer Tape and SikaGlaze IG-5 PIB