WACKER ranks among the pioneers of modern chemistry. From the very beginning, we have been driven by a vision: Giving our customers a competitive edge through innovative top-class performance.

Innovations Targeted at Customers

With an R&D quotient of approximately 3.5 percent relative to sales, we rank among the world’s most research-intensive chemical companies. All new products and processes target the customer’s application, first and foremost. Basic research activities aside, we believe that the new solutions which we devise must always confer an economic benefit on our customers.

Innovative Process Engineering for More Efficiency

We have always invested heavily – in terms of resources and talents – in the development of new products. At the same time, our process engineers continually enhance existing processes to boost their efficiency and economics. A key strength is our integrated production system, which helps us to conserve resources and energy by returning byproducts to the production loop.



 It is no coincidence that WACKER is known throughout the world for its outstanding quality. As a manufacturer, you can rest assured that a WACKER product will satisfy the highest quality standards for you and your customers.


Identical Production Standards, Worldwide

It makes no difference whether you purchase WACKER products in Germany or Southeast Asia. All of them are made to precisely the same standards throughout the world. That is because all WACKER production facilities follow the same stringent operating procedures. What is more, we have installed Group-wide quality systems and test standards to ensure that the results are identical wherever you are. We call this “Original WACKER Quality.”

Contributing To Sustainable Profitability

Our customers appreciate our consistently high quality. This helps manufacturing to run smoothly and reduces inspection effort, and so has a positive effect on cost structure. For many customers, the enhanced process efficiency additionally shortens production times and boosts output.


High Safety Standards for Mankind and the Environment

Environmental and industrial-health protection are firmly anchored in our business processes. Not only were we one of the first companies to sign up to the Responsible Care® program of the chemical industry. We are also a member of the United Nations Global Compact. Through these voluntary commitments, we undertake to protect the environment, health and society.


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